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Your complete in-office solution to restore and remodel delicate areas. Imagine the difference Empower RF can make in your life.


Susan needed a change…

Susan couldn’t focus on anything but finding the next bathroom. The things she loved to do - exercising, meeting friends for lunch, taking her grandkids to the park - all suffered from pelvic floor weakness and incontinence. Susan worried about missing out on time with her loved ones and herself, it was time for a change.

She was in pain and was also going through menopause and dealing with chronic UTIs, dryness and leaking. She was ready to relieve the pain, stop worrying about how to get to the bathroom quickly and resume her favorite activities.

A friend recommended she schedule an appointment with Urology Care.


Susan came in for her appointment

Susan’s situation warranted treatment with EmpowerRF, a multi-functional platform delivering life-changing women's wellness therapies. This advanced feminine wellness solution leverages multiple complementary technologies, unlink singele energy alternatives. Susan valued the combination of multiple modalities that allowed for treatments that were customized and tailored to meet her specific needs and conditions. She also appreciated the fact that the procedure were performed in-office without anesthesia, large incisions and downtime.

What results did Susan have?

After Susan’s EmpowerRF treatments she stopped worrying about finding the next bathroom break. Her leaking, dryness, chronic UTIs, and pelvic floor weakness all improved.

Susan regained her self confidence and her quality of life improved. She was able to enjoy all of the things she had been missing out on.


Join the many women like Susan who are reclaiming their wellness and confidence!

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