Bladder Biopsy

A bladder biopsy is a diagnostic surgical procedure in which a doctor removes cells or tissue from the bladder to be tested in a laboratory. This typically involves inserting a tube with a camera and a needle into the urethra, which is the opening in your body through which urine is expelled.

A doctor will likely recommend a bladder biopsy if they suspect your symptoms might be caused by bladder cancer.  Those symptoms can include blood in urine, frequent urination, pain while urinating, and lower back pain.  These symptoms can be caused by other things, such as infection, so a doctor will usually conduct other exams before conducting a bladder biopsy.

During the procedure, the patient will be seated in a special chair that puts you in a reclined position. Your doctor will clean and numb your urethra using a topical painkiller, or a numbing cream, and then will insert a cystoscope and into the bladder.

Water or a saline solution will then fill the bladder, and will help the doctor determine the cause of your symptoms. Once filled, the doctor will be able to examine the bladder wall, and will use the cystoscope to remove a small part of the wall for testing. 

Risks of bladder biopsy can include bleeding, infection, and mild pain or discomfort when urinating.


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