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Urology Care AZ is proud to be the first practice in Tucson and Pima County to offer EmpowerRF and EvolveX treatments. These innovative treatments provide advanced options for addressing incontinence issues and enhancing sexual wellness, body contouring, and more. With the latest technology and experienced physician and providers, Urology Care AZ is committed to the best possible care with no downtime. Contact us today to learn more about these groundbreaking treatments and how we can help you improve your quality of life.

How Can We Help You?

Dr. Iris B. Bernstein, MD

My life experience and medical expertise allow me to relate and connect to my patients to build the bond of trust needed to properly deliver exceptional service and care. As a woman urologist, I understand underlying health issues women face and the feelings of embarrassment or isolation they bring.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Board Certified Urologist
  • Certified in Body Contouring with EvolveX
  • Certified in EmpowerRF

Whether you are suffering from pain, discomfort, or have health-related questions, Dr. Bernstein is here for you. She will help you get back to the life you deserve.

Dr. Bernstein is a board-certified urologist and has been providing excellent care on the east side of Tucson since 1999. After earning two undergraduate degrees from Stanford University in Biology and Psychology in 1989, she earned her medical degree from the University of California, San Diego in 1993. She completed her training and residency in general surgery and urology at the University of California, San Diego in 1999.



"I am VERY pleased with the Morpheus8-V procedure. Making it to the bathroom without leaks is a dream come true! Thank you Dr. Bernstein."

"I am very happy post Morpheus 8V. I no longer experience painful intercourse, my husband and I are both very happy. I also have less OAB symptoms. I highly recommend Morpheus8V."

"I am so happy, thankful and grateful for Morpheus8V procedure. Thank you for recommending this procedure to me. My only regret is, I didn’t do it sooner."

Before receiving treatment, I struggled with incontinence frustrations. I noticed a significant improvement after just the first treatment, and by the final session, incontinence had stopped being a significant issue for me.
While the treatments come with a price tag, I believe they're worth considering the transformative results. I can personally attest to their effectiveness for any woman who is hesitant about these treatments.
Additionally, I must shout out to the fantastic Urology Care staff, from the front door to the very back. They consistently greet every patient with warm smiles, maintain eye contact, and treat everyone with respect and kindness. Their exceptional service truly enhances the overall experience.

"I’m a 64-year-old who has been battling breast cancer for 12 years. Intimacy was very difficult due to extreme vaginal dryness from chemotherapy. Thank God I found this treatment.
Best decision I ever made! I feel so much better. It has changed everything for me. In truth, I was doubtful it would work, because I’m too old for the change in collagen to change. Thank God and Dr. Bernstein for these treatments. I did not listen to my doubts and it has changed everything for me."

"Dr. Bernstein recommended FormaV treatments as my rectocele was starting to reoccur, and I was starting to experience some incontinence issues. Intimacy was painful and uncomfortable. I was still using vaginal hormones to maintain healthy vaginal tissue.
The first set of treatments has greatly improved ALL of my issues. I highly recommend FormaV treatments for any woman suffering from prolapse issues, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction (due to vaginal atrophy), as I had. I feel certain that had I not started the treatments when I did, I would have needed yet another prolapse surgery and ongoing hormone prescriptions to maintain a normal lifestyle and healthy intimate life with my husband. Needless to say, my husband thinks it is well worth the investment!"

"I have had prostate and kidney stone problems for the past 20 years and have visited at least five urologists for different procedures. She is the best urologist I've encountered. I would go back to Dr. Bernstein again in a heartbeat. In fact, I stayed in Tucson an extra month to complete treatment for my kidney stones with her rather than return to my home in Wisconsin. She does a great job and explains everything well. Her staff was knowledgeable. The team she had when I had surgery to remove a kidney stone was top notch. I felt lucky to have her for a doctor."

"I was so relieved to have finally discovered the care I really need! The provider who took my introductory appointment for an exam was extremely thorough, professional, friendly and reassuring. She kept me informed throughout and made sure I had proper handouts while setting up my future appointments with the doctor. I was impressed by the whole pleasant experience."

"My first time ever to Urology Care and was extremely nervous about my appointment. However, it turned out to be a good experience. Everyone at the facility is very professional and knowledgeable. Considering they were short handed during my visit, they didn't miss a beat and they operated like a” well-oiled machine.” I would highly recommend and refer Urology Care to anyone who asked."

"The ladies here are compassionate, caring and thorough. They understand that you're going to be uncomfortable and maybe even nervous and they do all they can to put you at ease. Everything is explained in clear and concise English, all your questions are answered and concerns addressed. Everyone here, including the office staff, actually care about you and your health. This office puts it's patients first."

"Wasn’t sure I needed a urologist until my strange symptoms turned into full blown interstitial cystitis. Ugh! Here I am 3 months later and it’s like it never happened. My provider was great, Dr Bernstein was great, and front office ladies friendly and helpful and back office great-efficient, kind. I’m so glad I have this urologist!!"

"Every single staff member and medical professional I met with during multiple tests was wonderful. They made hard and uncomfortable procedures much easier and more comfortable. They also made sure I understood everything and helped pursue answers."

"I had 3 appointments on the same day. Great customer service. Medical personnel explained the exam and answered my questions. They also walked me to the location of the next appointment. Excellent experience."

"My wife and I are impressed with the care we are receiving at Urology Care, PC. Dr Bernstein, providers and staff are gentle, understanding and are not rushing patients through their appointments. The staff follows up with phone calls about lab results or inquire about your condition. We recommend Urology Care PC."

"I returned to Urology Care PC after a long lapse. Boy, am I glad that I did! The provider was knowledgeable, thorough and gentle. She educated me about my condition and all of my choices. I feel like I am finally in capable hands for my urology issues."

“EmpowerRF resolved years of painful intercourse and my husband (and I) are very happy with the results!”

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